Make your menu responsive with a JS sidenav.

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Sidenav allows you to make responsive, mobile-first navigation menu.
We used this method to transform a classical navbar into a easy navigation component in smaller screen resolution.
Please note that the sidenav must be placed outside of the header, nav, main or footer HTML element.

To use the sidenav, you must have a button or element with .sidenav-trigger class and a data-target="" attribute who point to the targeted sidenav id.
The sidenav id must be the same as data-target.

JavaScript initialization

Once HTML was setup, you can activate sidenav with this simple code.
Just pass the id of your sidenav you want to activate.

To know all the ways to initialize a JS component, please read the JS Init page.

Fixed sidenav

Fix your sidenav using the .fixed class. This makes it visible on any screen larger than .md breakpoint.
Note that you can't trigger a fixed sidenav on a screen larger than .md breakpoint.

Large sidenav

Add the .large class to your sidenav container to get a larger sidenav. Works in layouts !
Both width sizes are configurable in the SCSS Variables file.

Right aligned

With the .right-aligned class added to your sidenav container, you can align your sidenav on the right side of your website.
Works in layouts too !


Property Default value Description
overlay true Toggle overlay when sidenav is active.
bodyScrolling false Enable or disable bodyScrolling when the sidenav is active and over content.
animationDuration 300 Opening and closing animation duration in ms.


Method Description
.open() Open sidenav
.close() Close sidenav
.overlay(boolean) Enable / disable overlay, works only if overlay option is enabled.
Example : exampleSidenav.overlay(true);


Event Description
ax.sidenav.setup Event sent when the sidenav has been setup. Event sent when the open() method is called.
ax.sidenav.opened Event sent when the sidenav has been opened.
ax.sidenav.close Event sent when the close() method is called.
ax.sidenav.closed Event sent when the sidenav has been closed.