Use our different classes to change the border-radius of your elements.


If you use Axentix with source file, or want to customize our variables, you should edit the /scss/utilities/_variables.scss file.
You can create your own color palette and Axentix will generate automatically colors and text colors associated.
To see all our variables, just go to our github _variables.scss file.


The txtColor() function

The txtColor() function return the appropriate text color depending on the background color.
To use it, give it a background color, and it will return you black or white.
Example : txtColor('blue') will return white;

The getColor() function

The getColor() function accepts 3 parameters to get any color of the color palette.
The first one is the color name, the second one is the color variant and third the number of the variant you want.
Example : getColor('blue', 'light', 2); will return the blue light-2 color, so #6ebbf7.
Example 2 : getColor('primary'); will return the primary color, so #2196f3.


Use this mixin to automatically import the correct media queries. It use all of our breakpoints.
Example :
@include responsive('xs'){/* code here */}