Use our different classes to change your typography.

The typography classes are made to let you custom the most possible your text.

Font size classes

The font-size classes allow you to change the font size of any text.
The classes are named .font-s1 | .font-s2 | ... | .font-s12







From 1 to 12...


This is a H1

This is a H2

This is a H3

This is a H4

This is a H5

This is a H6

Heading classes

The heading classes allow you to create fake headers on any text.
The classes are named as the headings so :
.h1 | .h2 | ... | .h6

This is not a real h4

Text alignment

Class name Description
.text-left Align text to the left.
.text-center Align text to the center.
.text-right Align text to the right.
.text-justify Justify text all over the rows.

Font weight

The font weight classes help you to change the weight of any text.
The classes are .font-w{weight} where the weight value can be :
100 | 200 | 300 | ... | 900

This is a .font-w400 text

This is a .font-w600 text

Line height

You have 3 ways to use the line-height classes :

  • You can use the .lh-normal to get a normal line-height.
  • You can use the basic way .lh-{value} where value can be :
    1, 2 ... 6
  • But you can use the way with the rem unit .lh-rem-{value} where value can be :
    1, 2 ... 5