Button group

Different types of button groups.

Basic button group

A button group is simply a div containing a list of buttons.
Add the .btn-group class to the containing div, and you'll get a button group.
All types of button are working inside a button group

Different button styles

You can use any color from the color palette and any utilities to custom your button group.

Button group sizes

We provide 3 button groups sizes, which are the same as the button sizes.
The basic size is set using the .btn-group class. You can use .btn-group-small, and .btn-group-large classes too.

Vertical button group

The .btn-group-vertical class allows you to create a vertical button group.

Rounded button group

The rounded button group will apply border-radius to specific corners.
You can use the rounded classes, the right corners will be rounded for both vertical and horizontal button groups.

Outline button group

The outline buttons are working in the button group component too.