The transform classes are made to let you custom any element placement or style in different unique ways.

Flip elements

The flip classes allow to turn any element around using a transform property.

Class Effect
Normal behavior
Random reversed element
Random reversed element
Random reversed element
Random reversed element

Scale elements

You can either scale up or down any element size.
To do so, use the .scale-up{scale-number} and .scale-down{scale-number} classes where scale-number can be :

Scaled down element
Scaled up element

Scale up

Class Effect
.scale-up1 transform: scale(1.1)
.scale-up2 transform: scale(1.2)
.scale-up3 transform: scale(1.3)
.scale-up4 transform: scale(1.4)
.scale-up5 transform: scale(1.5)
.scale-up6 transform: scale(1.6)
.scale-up7 transform: scale(1.7)
.scale-up8 transform: scale(1.8)
.scale-up9 transform: scale(1.9)

Scale down

Class Effect
.scale-down1 transform: scale(0.9)
.scale-down2 transform: scale(0.8)
.scale-down3 transform: scale(0.7)
.scale-down4 transform: scale(0.6)
.scale-down5 transform: scale(0.5)
.scale-down6 transform: scale(0.4)
.scale-down7 transform: scale(0.3)
.scale-down8 transform: scale(0.2)
.scale-down9 transform: scale(0.1)