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Creating a toast can help you to send messages to your users through simple notifications.
They are easily customisable using any of the axentix classes.

To know all the ways to initialize a JS component, please read the JS Init page.

Change toast

A website using the toast feature always needs to use different Toasts, to show different informations.
Using the change() method, you can change the content and the classes of your toast.

Closable toast

Using the isClosable option, you can let your user close your toasts by clicking on a cross.


Property Default value Description
animationDuration 400 Opening and closing animation duration in ms.
duration 4000 The display duration of the toast before disapearing in ms.
classes '' Classes of the toast.
position right Position of the toast container.
Accepted values are 'right' or 'left'.
direction top Animation direction of the toast.
Accepted values are 'top' or 'bottom'.
mobileDirection bottom Animation direction of the toast on mobile view.
Accepted values are 'top' or 'bottom'.


Method Description
.show() Show the toast.
.change('content', options) Change the content of the Toast.
The second parameter is optional, but can be useful when you want to change multiple options like the classes and the position at the same time.
Here is an example.


Event Description
ax.toast.show Event sent when the show() method is called.
ax.toast.shown Event sent when the toast has been shown.
ax.toast.hide Event sent when the toast is being closed.
ax.toast.remove Event sent when the toast has been closed.