Getting started

Download and start using Axentix


With CDN



With NPM
With Yarn
By downloading files

Download css and js files minified and unminified versions. You don't need any other file, no jQuery required if you want to use the js functionalities.

Download all repo including source files.
Run npm install and you can develop with our integration tools.

Axentix Source

Component import

If you want to import components separatly, use one of these ways.

Starter template

This template is the basic one. You can get more templates on the layouts' demo page.

Docs font

You can add any font to your website.
We decided to use Quicksand. You can use any font on google fonts.
To import any font to your website, add the google fonts links to your website's <head> and the corresponding font-family to your element.

Supported browsers

Browser Version
Chrome 87+
Firefox 78+
Safari 13+
Edge 88+