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Use our different classes to change your typography.

The typography classes are made to let you custom the most possible your text.

Heading classes

The heading classes allow you to create fake headers on any text.
The classes are named as the headings so :
.h1 | .h2 | ... | .h6

This is not a real h4

Font weight

The font weight classes help you to change the weight of any text.
The classes are .font-w{weight} where the weight value can be :
100 | 200 | 300 | ... | 900

This is a .font-w400 text

This is a .font-w600 text

Line height

You have 3 ways to use the line-height classes :

  • You can use the .lh-normal to get a normal line-height.
  • You can use the basic way .lh-{value} where value can be :
    1, 2 ... 6
  • But you can use the way with the rem unit .lh-rem-{value} where value can be :
    1, 2 ... 5